We facilitate experiential learning programmes for managers, leaders and teams at distributed companies - designed to inspire personal growth and drive cross-functional collaboration.

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Shared learning experiences that work

We bring together the best of training, coaching and team building to create unforgettable learning programmes that drive meaningful change at both an individual and collective level.

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Interactive + facilitated

All of our programmes focus on participation - and are delivered by trained and accredited coach facilitators.

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Flexible + customisable

We curate the session plan from our vast session library - then pick a cadence for delivery that works for your people.

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Accountability + application

Whether it's peer homework challenges or frequent digital nudges, we extend the learning way beyond the session.


Managers, Leaders or Teams?

Whether you're looking to level up a cohort of junior managers or bolster collaboration in an experienced product team, our programmes are flexible enough to suit their learning needs and availability.

For Managers + Leaders

Management training and leadership development nowadays feels so detached from the reality of modern day people leadership. That's why we focus on our programming on mission critical skills, mindsets and knowledge grounded in a progressive people-first philosophy. Sessions include:

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Managing Time, Energy and Attention

  • The what, how and when of Coaching

  • Communicating with Clarity

  • How to reflect and introspect

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For Teams

Team coaching doesn't just teach your people to better collaborate and communicate - it helps you really understand each other. Our programmes bring together personal reflection and introspection with collective learning (and a lot of fun!) to help fuel growth and galvanise interpersonal relationships.

  • Open and honest conversations

  • How to hold each other to account

  • Facilitating creativity and innovation

  • How to make decisions as a team

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Our people development philosophy

Picking and choosing a learning partner can be tough. We find what really matters is an alignment on values - the intersection between how we do it and why we do it.Well, these are ours.

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Personal growth + collective growth

We believe shared learning experiences are not only the best way for individuals to learn, but they are also an invaluable opportunity to help folks forge stronger working relationships.

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Integrated + contextual

Programmes should not only fit in effortlessly with participants working lives, but the learning should be ritualised and part of the very fabric of work itself.

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Right tools = right outcomes

Learning isn't about theory vs practice, coaching vs training. It's about harnessing the full spectrum of tools in the most meaningful ways to impact mindsets and behaviours.

Who recommends peerpod?

Our clients and cohorts love us

"The feedback from our trial was so stellar, we had no choice but to extend the programme to all of our managers"

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Richard Robinson

CEO, Robin AI

"The programme has played a pivotal role in increasing trust and connection in our international and growing team"

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Abadesi Osunsade

CEO, Hustle Crew

"If I saw another company doing this, I'd get jealous and immediately want to know how we could do it too. Just brilliant. "

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Dan Garrett

CEO, Farewill

"Even when I felt stretched for time I still looked forward to the session and often found I came away from it feeling energised."

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Jaqueline Buchanan

Head of Production, SPOKE

“I feel like an immensely more well equipped human being. It was really well organised, structured and high energy.”

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Conor Stephenson

Operations Manager, Farewill

"It's been fantastic. It was a real conversation-starter for our team and struck a genuine chord with everyone."

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Charlie Cooper-Henniker

Director of Production, LEGO

Worth a chat? Let's talk!

For a no-obligation chat about what you're looking for and to learn a little bit more about how we might help, just pop your details in here and we'll get back to you asap.

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Experiential learning and group coaching programmes for managers, leaders and teams