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We deliver group coaching programmes and workshops for distributed teams - designed to fuel personal growth and drive cross-functional collaboration.

Trusted by companies of all shapes and sizes

Personal Growth + Collective Growth = Company Growth

A simple equation with monumental results.Our programmes and workshops are designed to not only help your people grow as individuals, but to also aid them in coming together and forging stronger, more meaningful working relationships.

Designed for remote and hybrid teams

Remote work requires more human moments.Our programmes and workshops are designed to help cultivate connection and inspire growth amongst folks who aren't sat side by side all day.

Total flexibility to suit the needs of the group

One size fits all seems unreasonable when it comes to learning programmes. That's why our's are designed to be customised - from the modules, to the session cadence, even session length. Let's see what fits for you.

Meet your coach

"I created Peerpod with the intention of inspiring a new form of ritual for remote teams - one that maximised the opportunity of bringing people together to learn - also as an opportunity to help forge working relationships beyond technology.The response has been incredible, and with every new client I expand my understanding as how to deliver world class learning experiences virtually."


Programming for your People

We have a huge array of programmes and workshops - all of which have been designed with 3 distinct groups of peers in mind - Managers, Leaders, and Teams.

manager training and coaching

For Managers

Manager training nowadays feels so detached from the reality of managing remotely.We bring together skills based learning with group coaching conversations that are flexible enough to explore management through the lens most relevant and useful to your group.Our selection of modules includes:

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Learning to Coach

  • Running Great 1:1's

  • Setting Useful Goals

  • Managing Time and Priorities

  • The Art of Delegation

  • Hands On vs Hands Off

  • Accountability and Integrity

"The feedback from our initial trial was so stellar, we had no choice but to extend the programme to every manager in the business"

Richard robinson, ceo, robin ai


For Leaders

Leadership is changing - and not just because of the remote context.Our leadership development experiences lean heavily on coaching - using tried and trusted frameworks to cultivate greater self awareness, more thoughtful communication, and a mindset centred on inclusion.Our selection of modules includes:

  • Building Empathy

  • Honest Conversations

  • Communicating Effectively

  • Building Confidence

  • Navigating Change

  • Inclusive Facilitation

  • Inspiring through Action

  • Praise and Plus

"If I saw another company doing this, I'd get jealous and immediately want to know how we could do it too. Just brilliant. "



For Teams

Do we really believe that the odd team building event or social cuts it? We don't.Team coaching doesn't just teach your people to better collaborate and communicate - it helps you really understand each other. Our programmes bring together personal reflection and introspection with collective learning (and a lot of fun!) to help your team galvanise connections in your team.Our selection of modules includes:

  • The Elephant in the Room

  • Playing on the Job

  • Argue the Opposite

  • Make your Point

  • Creating a Shared Vision

  • Making Team Decisions

  • Immunity to Change

"The programme has played a pivotal role in increasing trust and connection in our international and growing team"


We'd love to tell you more

Whether you'd prefer to jump on the phone to chat, or receive a more detailed programme brochure in your inbox, we'd be delighted to share more about the Peerpod approach.


Group coaching programmes and
workshops for distributed teams

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